Projects, past and present

PhD researcher : Safeguarding a Healthy Future - preventive child health intervention in between politics and practice, 1901-1920, Erasmus University Rotterdam & Erasmus Medical Centre.

Policy Advisor : academic integrity and knowledge safety (ongoing), Erasmus Medcial Centre.

 : research ethics, data management, privacy, academic integrity (ongoing), Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences, Tilburg University

Lecturer (ongoing), Utrecht University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus Medical Centre
‘Journal Club: Medical History’ (BA) 2022
   ‘Biopower: breeding feeding and bleeding for world domination’ (BA) 2022
   ‘Modern history’ (BA) 2022
‘History of Modern Societies’ (BA) 2022
‘Open Science and sociology of science’ (MSc) 2021, 2022
‘History and Sociology of Public Health’ (MSc) 2020
‘Scientific Revolution’ (BSc) 2019, 2020
‘History of the Social Sciences’ (MSc) 2019

Freelance Journalist (ongoing since 2019), Vrij Nederland, NRC. Projects on science, medicine, and society.

Chair and cofounder (ongoing since 2018) : Center and Journal of Trial and Error, International publication community aiming to explore uncertainty in science, and publish failed research in a reflective and meaningful manner.

Board member Gewina (ongoing since 2019) : Belgisch Nederlands genootschap voor wetenschaps- en universiteitsgeschiedenis.

Researcher (2020-2022) : Faces of Open Science: a sociological analysis of Open Science, Open Science Programme, Utrecht University